You And Your Inner Circle


This class will teach you the importance of who you surround yourself with and how they can lift you up or hold you in a low vibration. (Surrounding yourself around the right people can be the difference between you achieving success and reason why you may not be.)

We are constantly growing and evolving, and during the growth process, it is very important to have a healthy support system and relationships with the people around us. It is only with the right support team that we can move forward in life with confidence.

This course will really change your life and will prepare you tomove forward, by giving you clarity and discernment on who should be part of your inner circle andhow to work on yourself to start attracting the right-and like-minded people to become part of your inner circle.

You and Your Inner Circle is designed tohelp you to move forward in success in every aspect of your life by putting the right people around you, knowing who your best friend should be.

In this seminar we will teach you how to recognize your inner circle and how to discern which level of development the people around you are. We will show you the different stages of mind: The child stage, the parent stage and the crown or grandparent stage.

As healers, if you are surrounded by people that need constant encouragement, you will get drained very soon. Therefore, some people in your inner circle should be people who give back to you.You will take a test to see in which mental development you are in. Then you will learn what you need to do to get where you like to be.

We teach you why your inner circle changes so much, why you shift your friends around, and what kind of friends you need to surround you with so that you are charged and feel good so that you can still give back to the world.

We areteaching you how to work with every stage of mind. Like this you will understand your clients and students and where they are and you can help them to move forward.

*This seminar will be a pre-requisite for DNA 4**PRE-REQUISITES: Basic ThetaHealing, Advanced ThetaHealing, Dig Deeper

Course Dates

Date: 2021
Venue: Co-Creation Level 2, 83-85 Chandos St, St Leonards
Investment: $530 Repeat: $260
Time: Saturday to Sunday 9:30am to 5:30pm
Pre-requisites: Basic ThetaHealing®, Advanced ThetaHealing® & Dig Deeper Practitioners

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You And Your Inner Circle


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